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Reviewed the actual step-by-step process for LOPA.

Stephen Greco | Lubrizol-Deer Park


I enjoyed the methodology for evaluating chemical hazards.

Ronnie Hampton | Eastman Chemical


I enjoyed the identification of terms and conditions of PSM/RMP.

William (Bill) Worley | El Paso


Pressure relief design from the equipment perspective.

Charles Chan | Sempra Utilities


All PSM points were very helpful and I look forward to taking the advanced class.

John Jewett | El Paso


The level of information was just right for me. I have not had experience with PSM, and this class provided a good background.

Crystal Gibson | ConocoPhillips


Presentation of Inherent Design was excellent. Delivery and slides were informative, yet not too detailed.

Brad Cozart | DNV


Thanks again for a well presented and informative course. This was the second course I’ve taken at MKOPSC and both have been top notch.

Jesse L. Roberts | BHP Petroleum


Comments on SIS Implementation

The SIS class tied the code back to practical application.

Mason D. Martin | ConocoPhillips


The instructor had the ability to present the SIS material in an understandable manner with real-world examples.

Tom Rutherford | Pegasus Intl.


[Instructors] have demonstrated a deep knowledge of the material.



Satisfied with topics.



Very well organized class.



All topics expected were covered.



Very good course. Videos helped reinforce subject a lot.



Good class, a lot of information to grasp with limited practical exposure to the things covered in class. Those who have been exposed to it before have good additional input and scenarios.



This class was a well organize (top down) look at SIS implementation. Very helpful and worthwhile, especially as a new employee.



Great class and materials adequately presented by Dr. Summers.



Excellent content and presentation.



The instructors and student mentors were responsive and always showed a willingness to help us outside of the specified class time.



I am very satisfied with the quality and organization of the course! We are grateful to instructors, students, administration and support staff that made us feel very comfortable during the training.