MKOPSC International Outreach – Bangladesh

Process Safety Education
MKOPSC, in association with Department of Chemical Engineering of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), arranged several short courses on process safety and risk management in past few years. In December 2010, Dr. Sam Mannan and Dr. Hans Pasman delivered a two-day short course on Fundamentals of Process Safety and Risk Management for engineering professionals. In December 2011, The International Workshop on Loss Prevention and Safety was organized which consisted of five sessions presented by Dr. Sam Mannan, Dr. Hans Pasman, Dr. J. P. Gupta, Dr. Maria Papadaki and Dr. Adam Markowski. The two-day workshop was designed to teach industrial participants and graduate students the concept of inherently safer design, layers of protection analysis, reactive hazards and other fundamental process safety topics.

M. A. Naser Chair
Recently in December 2015, Dr. Sam Mannan was named the first holder of M. A. Naser Chair at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET).

The chair was established by the BUET Chemical Engineering Alumni Association to recognize the contributions made by Professor M.A. Naser, former vice chancellor of BUET and a pioneer in the field of chemical engineering education in Bangladesh. As a holder of M. A. Naser Chair, Dr. Mannan was involved with several activities to promote process safety awareness and education. Some of his key activities included – Course on Industrial Safety Engineering for graduate students; Workshops on Inherently Safer Design and Recent Development in Process Safety targeting engineering professionals; Lecture on Curriculum Development to Address the Changing Nature of the Engineering Profession for engineering faculty members; Lecture on Opportunities for Engineering Graduates for undergraduate engineering students. A wide range of participants from international and local industrial organizations, government entities and engineering students from different universities benefitted from these programs.

Industrial Outreach
Dr. Sam Mannan discussed the prospect of Chemical Safety and Security in Bangladesh on his meeting with Bangladesh Armed Forces Division on January 2016. He also delivered a lunch and learn dialogue at Chevron Bangladesh corporate office and shared his professional experiences in process safety.
Bangladesh has suffered heavily due to garment industry fire and incidents in the past and currently garment industries are focusing on establishing industrial safety and fire protection practices. As an industrial safety expert, Dr. Mannan was involved in dialogue with Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) in his past visits to Bangladesh. A case history on ‘Tazreen Fashion Factory Industrial Fire Accident’ was also presented at the March 28 MKOPSC Steering Committee Meeting where recommendations were made to focus on fire protection, training, HSE initiatives and regulatory approach.
On January 5 2016, Dr. Sam Mannan delivered a keynote speech in a seminar on Hazard and Risk Assessment of Garment Industries in Bangladesh. His lecture titled as – The Journey to Safety Excellence in the Garment Industry in Bangladesh: Past, Present and Future; where he discussed achievement of different efforts and initiatives to establish safe work practices, role of different entities, areas of improvement in industrial safety and finally provided some useful recommendations.

Seminar participants included Mr. Amir Hossain, Minister of Industries, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh; Mr. Mohammad Nasir, Vice President, BGMEA; Mr. Monsoor Ahmed, Vice President, BKMEA and many prominent government and industrial personnel. In his keynote, Dr. Sam Mannan emphasized on interactive collaboration between industry, government and academia to come up with a sustainable safety program to minimize garment industry incidents. He urged a renewed focus on building competency in process safety, fire protection and emergency response. In addition, well-defined safety performance indicators need to be established and organizations with effective safety programs need to be recognized. Dr. Mannan also urged for development of a strong ‘safety culture’ which drives the safety performances and practices across the organization. Dr. Mannan was invited to a TV Talk Show – “Artho Shonglap” or “Financial Dialogue” in Ekattor TV, Bangladesh where he discussed the scope of safety practices in different industries primarily in garment sector.

Dr. Mannan pointed out the necessity of institutionalization of industrial safety knowledge and practices to establish a sustainable safety culture. He urged a focus on building and maintaining local infrastructure to support the safety program. He also identified the role of government, academia and industry to build a competent workforce who will govern and enforce industrial safety practices in every sector.