2012 International Process Safety Symposium Draws Record Attendance

Featuring three keynote lectures from Larry Stanton, Director of Emergency Management at the EPA; Dr. Nancy Leveson, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT; and Steve Flynn, Vice President of Health, Safety, Security and Environment with BP, the 15th annual international symposium “Beyond Regulatory Compliance, Making Safety Second Nature” drew record attendance for its second consecutive year. This year also included a celebration of Dr. Trevor Kletz’s 90th birthday in recognition of his continuing contribution to process safety awareness and research.

More than 540 participants from industry and academia attended the symposium, which is sponsored by the Texas A&M University System Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center and serves as the crossroads for process safety.

In addition to the highlighted keynote addresses, nearly 100 presentations were given on various safety-related topics, including safety culture/ operational discipline, risk analysis, process management for safety, and inherent safety. The symposium also featured exhibits from over two dozen companies that demonstrated products, technology and software related to process safety.