Multiscale Modeling for Process Safety Applications Reference Book Released


Multiscale Modeling for Process Safety Applications is a new reference and valuable resource for readers interested in theoretical simulations and/or computer simulations of hazardous scenarios. The book, released on December 1, 2015, was authored by Dr. Arnab Chakrabarty, Dr. Sam Mannan, professor of Chemical Engineering and Executive Director of MKOPSC, and Dr. Tahir Cagin, professor of Materials Science & Engineering at Texas A&M University. As multi-scale modeling is a computational technique for solving problems involving multiple scales, such as how a flammable vapor cloud might behave if ignited, this book provides information on the fundamental topics of toxic, fire, and air explosion modeling, as well as modeling jet and pool fires using computational fluid dynamics.

The book goes on to cover nanomaterial toxicity, QSPR analysis on relation of chemical structure to flash point, molecular structure and burning velocity, first principle studies of reactive chemicals, water and air reactive chemicals, and dust explosions. It also provides the only comprehensive source addressing the use of multiscale modeling in the context of process safety. To aid understanding and involvement for the reader, the book features worked out examples, case studies, and a question bank. It bridges
multiscale modeling with process safety, enabling the reader to understand mapping between problem detail and effective usage of resources. An overall picture of addressing safety problems in all levels of modeling and the latest approaches to each in the field are presented as well.

Chemical and process safety professionals, industry practitioners, as well as faculty and graduate researchers, will benefit from the detailed coverage provided in this book.