Prerna Jain receives second place award at the TAMU Student Research Week


The Texas A&M Student Research Week (SRW) planning committee would like to congratulate Prerna Jain on her second place win in the Engineering and Architecture subject area at the 19th annual Student Research Week 2016. The College of Engineering had the largest number of competitors at SRW, making up 32% of our 740 registered participants. This was double the size of the second largest participating college. This large number of competitors means everyone in this subject area was competing for highly competitive first and second place spots, and it would require a high quality of research and exemplary presentation skills to place in this area of the competition. In addition to this, Texas A&M’s College of Engineering is currently ranked as one of the top schools in the world, and Prerna was competing among some of the best and brightest graduate students from many different departments. Prerna’s judges provided positive feedback to her work and ranked it highly. Her research had many implications for the development of efficient and integrated risk management method within the oil and gas industry, and we want to recognize the importance of this work within the field of chemical engineering and process safety. Her win is a great accomplishment, and we would also like to acknowledge Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center at the Chemical Engineering department for supporting Prerna in her success. We look forward to seeing where Prerna’s future research endeavors will take her. (written by Alexandra Hardman, Student Research Week Director)