Process Safety Series Webinar: Failure to Learn

Failure to Learn
What can we do to improve process safety performance? We must create a culture of learning from incidents.  We have to make sure that our incident investigations teams are selected with the appropriate diversity of discipline and depth of experience. best-in-class safety operations strive to be continuous learning organizations.  The core learning function, of course, is worker training.  Training should be fully resourced, carefully designed, and continuously updated and refreshed.  In high hazard industries, training devices may provide the only exposure workers get to certain hazardous conditions or potential emergencies; accordingly, such training should be especially rigorous and thorough.

Speaker: Dr. M. Sam Mannan, PE, CSP, DHC, Regents Professor and Director, Mary Kay O’ Connor Safety Center, Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University System
Sponsor: Mettler-Toledo, LLC
Moderator: Traci Purdum, Digital Editor, Chemical Processing