Primary Chemical Process Coordinator – Crossett Paper Operations

Job Description

Supervisor: James W. Cutbirth
Date: May 4, 2011

The Primary Chemical Process Safety Coordinator (CPS) will serve as the CPS Compliance System Owner for the Crossett facility. This person will coordinate the establishment of site-specific CPS procedures and guidelines for the required CPS program elements as well as monitor the compliance status of these guidelines and elements.

Chemical Process Safety consist of managing all aspects of Process Safety Management (PSM – 29 CFR 1910), Risk Management Program (40 CFR Part 68), process covered under the General Duty clause of the Title V Program 40 CFR Part 70) and the Chemical Reactivity Hazardous Management (CHRM) standard implemented by Georgia-Pacific. CHRM is a program whereas all new chemicals entering the mill are evaluated in terms of use and how these chemicals could cause adverse reactions within the mill. General Duty is really an extension of the PSM standard for covered processes beyond methanol, chlorine, chlorine dioxide and turpentine. The General Duty program requires those process systems using 50% hydrochloric acid, 50% sulfuric acid, 50% hydrogen peroxide and the generation of non-condensable gases (NCG’s) to be managed by the same 14 PSM elements.

The CPS Coordinator will ensure that all required internal assessments are conducted, manage the Management of Change (MOC) process; either be or become a PHA Leader (process hazardous analysis), understand the requirements of the required Mechanical Integrity program etc. The CPS Coordinator will maintain a tracking system for all open CPS action items to ensure timely resolution and provide overall support to the operation (covered processes) and maintenance areas affected by the CPS standard.

A Bachelors Degree in Chemical, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering is preferred. Work experience could mitigate this requirement.

Three to five years working as a CPS Coordinator or exposure to managing/involvement in the overall CPS Program at a manufacturing facility. Excellent people skills and a strong work ethic are essential.

The candidate will preferably have a strong understanding of PSM and General Duty covered processes associated with the Pulp & Paper industry. Knowledge of Mechanical Integrity requirements is essential. The candidate must be be able to handle multiple tasks, be able to work with others, lead PHA meetings etc. Have the ability to suggest and provide analytical suggestions / solutions to ongoing elements associated with CPS.

Key attributes include (1) sense of urgency (2) team work (3) communication (4) Influencing & building relationships (5) Leading w/ courage.


  • Review and update the facility CPS Guideline Manual and obtain all approval signatures on an annual basis.
  • Organize and conduct Process Hazard Analyses.
  • Work with operations to implement CRHE recommendations, Locked Tank Audits, and manage the CRHM component of CPS at the facility.
  • Follow up on Incident Investigations to ensure reports are entered and completed utilizing GP’s tracking program.
  • Follow up on Audit/Internal Assessment, MOC’s, PHA recommendations etc.
  • Train all new and transfer employees working in CPS covered process area on Hazards associated with the processes/areas in which they will be required to work.
  • Maintain PHA Leader and CPS Coordinator certifications.
  • The RMP Plan (CFR Part 68) is to be maintained up to date.
  • Assist with establishing departmental operating budgets for chemical process safety policies and procedures as requested (ongoing)
  • Ensure all training requirements as defined in the GP CPS Compliance Standard are met on the required basis. (annual)
  • Facilitate the process of training a second (back-up) CPS coordinator for the Crossett mill. (Back-up candidate to be identified).
  • Attend the CPS Coordinators meeting annually.
  • Assist Optimizer/Asset Availability Leader in implementation and completion of small projects.
  • Work with personnel working in Covered Process Areas to troubleshoot production issues and develop possible resolutions.

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