Process Safety & Risk Management Coordinator – Intercontinental Terminals Company

Employer:                Intercontinental Terminals Company

Location:                  La Porte, Texas

Salary Range:          $70,000-$90,000

Requirements:          B.S. engineering

5+ years experience in petrochemical environment


  • Plant-wide coordination of Process Safety, Risk Management, Management of Change and RC 14001 efforts.
  • Serve as technical liaison to Terminal Management, keeping them informed of Terminal and Corporate level Process Safety, Risk Management, and RC 14001 performance, activities, and opportunities.
  • Coordinate activities within the Process Safety, Risk Management, and RC 14001 processes with those associates assigned the responsibility of implementing or managing the activity to help ensure that:
    • The program maintains compliance with Regulatory and Corporate requirements
    • The particular element receives the proper level of attention by Terminal Management
    • Appropriate communication exists between the upper levels of management and the specified owners of each element in the terminal.
  • Provide direction and leadership in the development of strategic action plans for PSM, RMP, and RC 14001.
  • Maintain and implement, as needed, the PSM, RMP, MOC and RC 14001 technical plans programs, files, policies, procedures, standards, goals, and objectives.
  • Provide assistance to owners of operational procedures, training, contractors, hot work, incident investigation, and emergency planning / response, and coordinator of each of these elements relating to PSM, RMP, and RC 14001.
  • Develop and provide training to associates relative to PSM, RMP, and RC 14001.
  • Participate in PSM and RMP process safety engineering related issues in external professional and trade organizations.
  • Participate in PSM and RMP review of significant capital projects to help ensure compliance to the regulations, standards, and codes.
  • Develop comprehensive PSM, RMP, and RC 14001 goals in line with ITC expectations, values, and company goals.

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