Safety Associate/Manager – TRDI

Job Description

Company: Training, Rehabilitation & Development Institute, Inc.
Title: Safety Associate
Location: San Antonio, TX
Employee Type: Full-Time
Years of Experience: 2 years +
Education Level: Associate Degree or Better
Career Level: (Manage Safety Program)


Company Description

Training, Rehabilitation and Development Institute, Inc. (TRDI) was established on November 4th, 1999 as a Texas Non-Profit Corporation. TRDI was organized exclusively for providing occupational opportunities for persons who are severely disabled through performance of contracts with federal government under the AbilityOne Program and similar state and federal programs.

TRDI began as a one (1) person operation with its first service contract for Training Ammunition Inventory, with annual revenue of $48 thousand. Training Ammunition Inventory Service Contract allowed TRDI to serve one (1) AbilityOne Client. TRDI currently has over 30 service contracts with annual revenues exceeding $14.5 million allowing TRDI to employ over 350 individuals and serving 250 AbilityOne Clients. TRDI geographic coverage is throughout includes both Texas and New Mexico.

Mission Statement

Training, Rehabilitation & Development Institute, Inc. makes a difference in the lives of severely disabled individuals by creating and providing employment opportunities for all employees to realize their full potential.

Job Summary

The role of the Safety Associate/Manager is to promote the health, safety and environmental protection at Training, Rehabilitation and Development Institute, Inc. by providing professional knowledge and expertise in the administration and support of environmental health and safety programs. Responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of environmental health and safety programs to assure compliance with any laws, regulatory agency guidelines, and company policies. If interested please send resume and cover letter to

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create and implement safety policy (for multiple sites).
  • Serve as a member of the management team of the company (advisory role; share safety trends within the company and the industry at large).
  • Oversee the safety inspection/audit program (good practices, compliance).
  • Establish the qualifications and the training and development activities necessary for each job classification.
  • Establish accident/injury investigation procedures; develop related record keeping and analysis system.
  • Develop measurement criteria and controls to ensure accountability.
  • Recommend equipment/equipment safety standards to those responsible for purchasing.
  • Continually study government agency regulatory requirements to ensure company compliance.
  • Review the company’s records to identify trends in unsafe practices, accidents and injuries.
  • Identify/analyze potential workplace hazards to establish procedures to avoid accidents/injuries.
  • Design/evaluate/revise the company safety program.
  • Work with other departments to ensure that safety policies and practices are integrated into the Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Work with Supervisors to ensure that the work is performed safely.
  • Define safety training and development requirements for existing employees and coordinate delivery of necessary skill building activities.
  • Screen, orient, and train new drivers and other employees.
  • Conduct company safety meetings.
  • Use internal and external measurement standards to quantify the savings and cost-avoidance gained from operating safely. [Quantify the ROI for operating safely].
  • Use internal and external measurement standards to quantify the hidden and ignored costs of not operating safely.
  • Continually work toward improving personal skills, knowledge, and professional development.
  • Serve as an advisor to the company CEO/President on training issues.
  • Handle workers’ compensation claims.
  • Handle vehicle accident claims.
  • Perform accident investigations: on-scene? desktop?
  • Handle environmental issues.

Experience Requirements:

  • A Degree or Certification in Safety Engineering with minimum of two (2) years experience as Safety Officer.
  • Candidate must be able to obtain and maintain any clearances and certifications required for the position.


  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Understanding of CompliPoint or equivalent program
  • Current Driver’s License
  • Bilingual a Plus