Dr. Mannan Interview with KHOU TV of Houston

The complex aspects of diesel engine explosions and their relation to the BP accidents of this year and 2005 were recently discussed by Regents Professor and Director of the Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center Sam Mannan as part of a news story by KHOU of Houston.

The June 8 story “The Diesel Connection: Investigators looking at similarities in BP explosions” features Mannan speculating on possible causes of both explosions. With his vast knowledge, and the wealth of information available through the Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center, Mannan was able to assist in understanding the causes behind these tragic events.

“All ignition sources are not alike,” Mannan noted. “[A diesel engine] creates what’s known in the science as a bang-box type of explosion, which has more probability to lead to a high-intensity explosion.” For more information, please go to: www.khou.com.