Process Safety Center Presents at Safety 2010, June 13-16, 2010

This year at Safety 2010 Dr. Mannan presented during the session titled “How Can Academia and the Safety industry Support Each Other?” His presentation entitled, “The role of different stakeholders with regard to safety education,” addressed importance and significance of the role played by academia, industry, and government in developing a partnership for improved chemical process safety education. Safety must be integrated into the curriculum at different levels. First, it must be woven throughout the chemical engineering curriculum by incorporating safety-related problems in all courses. Second, chemical process safety must be taught as a stand-alone course that brings together all the fundamentals in a comprehensive course. Third and finally, safety must be a required and significant component of the senior design course. Academia, government, and industry all have a role in making this happen.

Safety 2010, sponsored by The American Society of Safety Engineers, was held in Baltimore, Maryland June 13-16. It is a premier conference that offers the chance for safety professional from many fields to gather and discuss their perspectives, expertise, products and education resources. The Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center was honored to take part in this conference.