Process Safety Center presents at the Loss Prevention 2010 June 6-9, 2010

In addition to Dr. Mannan giving one of the keynote talks on day 2 of the 13th International Symposium on Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in the Process Industry in Bruges Belgium on June 6-9, 2010, he also presented 3 papers. Dr. Mannan’s speech was entitled, Challenges and needs for process safety in the new millennium. In order to be sustainable, the chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical and other such industries must strive for a balance between process operations and process safety. There is no doubt that process safety must be treated as an integral part of the wide-ranging plant operations. These expectations have come from a need for sustainable development and the painful lessons learned from tragedies such as the Bhopal gas disaster (1984) and the Flixborough incident (1974).

The presented papers were authored by students and research staff in the Center. The presentations included: Recent advances in LNG field experiments and modeling of LNG, release and mitigation scenarios; M.A. Rana, R. Qi, G. Yun, D. Ng and M.S. Mannan; Medium scale LNG experiments at Brayton fire training field, Texas and their relationship to process safety in the LNG industries in Qatar, R. Qi and S. Mannan; and A new approach to optimizing facility layout by mapping risk estimates on plant area, monetizing and minimizing, S. Jung, D. Ng, H.J. Pasman and M.S. Mannan.

The International Symposium on Safety & Loss Prevention in the Process Industries is an important forum for experts in the field of process safety to gather and share information. The symposium encourages papers describing practical applications as well as new research. The Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center was delighted in being a part of the conference this year.