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Michela, Process Safety Engineer | BP


…perhaps I will have a chance one day to go to Texas to [the] Mary Kay O’Connor Centre (a dream for all safety people)

Mimi Haryani Hassim, PhD | Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


The Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center is highly talked about… I wanted to commend [you] for establishing the Process Safety program/Safety Certificate for Chemical Engineers coming out of A&M…

Miyuki F. Chovanetz, HES Specialist | Chevron


Great website!!

R. Kepp


My name is Vijay. I am Design Safety Engineer working for an Enginnering Compnay in Singapore. I am a very recent visitor to your website and I must admit that it is a very resourceful place for HSE professionals.

Vijay | Society of Loss Prevention (SLP), Singapore