Risk Communication Tools

MKOPSC Strategic Risk Communication Project


To develop a Strategic Risk Communication Guidance for the Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center to increase the understanding of hazards, prevention and mitigation measures, and risk by the general public as it relates to beneficially using chemicals, but managing associated risks to an acceptable level.



K 3-12

Audience: Grade 4-7

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Cards for the board

Guide for students

Guide for teachers


Audience: Government



Audience: Engineers




Role Member
Executive Sponsor  

Dr. M. Sam Mannan

Team Leader / Facilitator  

Kathy Shell

Steering Committee Representative  

Dr. Stewart Behie

Steering Committee Representative  

Kelly Keim

Steering Committee Representative  

Liz McDaniel

Steering Committee Representative  

Bill Ralph

Technical Advisory Committee Representative  

Karen Study

Technical Advisory Committee Representative  

Roy Sanders



  1. Frame the role of the MKOPSC regarding public education on risk affiliated with manufacturing sites.
  2. Align the role with the MKOPSC Vision – To be an international leader in minimizing losses within the process industry – through safer processes, management, equipment, and procedures.
  3. Frame the messages regarding risk, zoning and greenbelt management that MKOPSC desires to communicate.
  4. Identify stakeholders
  5. Identify the channels for communication to each stakeholder group.


  1. Dow Chemical Approach to Greenbelt Management , K. Study 2015 White Paper
  2. White Paper on Risk Governance Towards and Integrated Approach, International Risk Governance Council 2005
  3. USEPA 550-F-96-004, Chemical Accident Prevention and the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 Risk Management Program (RMP) Guidance Manual – Chapter 11, Risk Communication
  4. Dr. Sam Mannan’s message in the Q4 2015 MKOPSC Newsletter