Prof. Francis Stoessel, Head, Process Safety Consulting,
Institute of Chemical and Biological Process Science,
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, will present:

Training on Process Safety in USA
Introduction Course on Thermal Process Safety

October 27, 2011
12:00Noon – 6PM
Hilton Conference Center
801 University Drive East
College Station, Texas

The training is designed for chemists and engineers working in the field of process development or production in the chemical synthesis industry. Basic skills as Chemist or Chemical Engineer are required.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction to the assessment of thermal risks: failure scenario and criticality classes,
  • Thermal stability: energy and TMRad concept, DSC and adiabatic calorimetry,
  • Mastering exothermal reactions: reactant accumulation and MTSR concept, reaction calorimetry,
  • Protection against runaway: example of technical measures and their design.

After the training, all participants will:

  • be able to assess the risks linked to exothermal reactions in terms of severity and probability of occurrence,
  • know the data requirements for the assessment of the criticality,
  • be familiar with the assessment of thermal stability of reactive masses, and with the concept of time to maximum rate,
  • recognize the important elements for mastering exothermal reactions at plant scale and be familiar with the concept of accumulation
  • be able to select appropriate risk reducing measures based on the criticality.

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