2013 Submission Information


Due by March 1, 2013

Please upload abstracts to: http://psc.tamu.edu/2013-sym-upload.php
Password: 2013MKOPSCsym

Please include your name, company and email address on your abstract.

* 350 words (approx)
* submitted in MS Word

Sample Abstract

Upon abstract acceptance, a Technical Manuscript is required for inclusion in the Symposium Proceedings.


Due by August 15, 2013 in electronic format, for inclusion in Symposium Proceedings.

Please click the following link to upload your file.

Link: http://psc.tamu.edu/2013-sym-upload.php
Password: 2013MKOPSCsym

Required manuscript format:
* US Letter-sized paper
* single-spaced text in 12 point Times Roman font
* Do not put page numbers at the bottom of the page
* submitted in MS Word
* One-inch margins
* No specific page limitations.


Selected papers will be included in a special issue of The Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries


* Posters should be brought with you to the symposium.
* Posters should fit within a 40 inch by 40 inch area.
* Must be prepared in English.
* Posters will be attached with velcro to the display boards.

PowerPoint Presentations

Due by September 13, 2013

Please click the following link to upload your files.

Link:  http://psc.tamu.edu/2013-sym-upload.php
Password: 2013MKOPSCsym

Attendees expect visuals of the presentations, to have something by which to remember your presentation.

PowerPoint® presentations, of course, should be non-commercial.
Slides projected from computer:
* Colors: White letters on black or blue background
* Maximum: 7 lines plus title
* Optimum: 3-5 lines and 35-50 words
* Minimum font size of 36 pt