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October 22-24, 2019
College Station, Texas

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2019 Submission Information

Please Note

  • Abstracts, Manuscripts, Poters, and Presentations will be collected through the International Symposium Submission Portal
  • Applicants must create a new account before submitting their documents


Call For Papers

Due by April 15, 2019
 *Please submit in .doc or .docx format

Sample Abstract
Click Here for Abstract Submission Template

Keyword search on your manuscript will be required using the Process Safety Taxonomy Wiki site at:

Any concerns with the PS Wiki site should be directed to


Sample Paper

Click Here for Required Manuscript Template

Required manuscript format:

  • US Letter-sized paper
  • single-spaced text in 12 point Times Roman font
  • Do not put page numbers at the bottom of the page
  • submitted in MS Word
  • One-inch margins
  • No specific page limitations.

It is mandatory that you conduct a keyword search on your manuscript using the Process Safety Taxonomy Wiki site at:

Any concerns with the PS Wiki site should be directed to

Selected papers will be included in a special issue of The Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries




  • Should present a summary of your research.
  • Should be brought with you to the symposium.
  • Should fit within a 40 inch by 40 inch area.
  • Must be prepared in English.
  • Posters will be attached to display boards the first morning of the symposium.
  • Biographies should be around 5-6 sentences and provide a brief overview of your background and current position
  • If you are invited to present the same topic at another conference, there is no issue with reusing the presentation as long as the first slide notes, “Presented at the Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center 2018 International Symposium.”

PowerPoint Presentations

The following template should be used for all presentations.

IS Slide Template Widescreen

IS Slide Template Standard

Attendees expect visuals of the presentations, to have something by which to remember your presentation. Suggestions:

  • PowerPoint® presentations, of course, should be non-commercial.
  • Slides projected from computer:
    • Maximum: 7 lines plus title
    • Optimum: 3-5 lines and 35-50 words
    • Minimum font size of 36 pt