The Trevor Kletz Merit Award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to the advancement of education, research, or service activities related to process safety concepts and/or technologies. The contributions or accomplishments leading to the annual Merit Award need not be associated with the Center but must fit within the central theme of the Center, i.e., Making Safety Second Nature. In establishing the Merit Award, the Steering Committee underscores the importance of promoting and recognizing significant contributions and accomplishments of practitioners and researchers worldwide.

The Harry West Service Award was established by the Steering Committee to honor and recognize individuals who have contributed directly to the success of the Center and have played a significant role in advancing the mission of the Center.

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Dr. Valerio Cozzani, 2015

Dr. Paul Amyotte, 2014

Mr. Pete Lodal, 2013

Dr. Jai Gupta, 2012

Dr. Adam Markowski, 2012

Mr. Jack McCavit, 2011

Mr. Art Dowell, 2011

Dr. Daniel Crowl, 2010

Dr. Joseph Louvar, 2010

Ms. Carolyn Merritt, 2009

Mr. Tim Overton, 2008

Dr. Hans J. Pasman, 2007

Mr. Steve Arendt, 2006

Mr. Stanley S. Grossel 2005

Mr. Thomas W. Carmody, 2004

Dr. Jerry A. Havens, 2003

Dr. Isadore (Irv) Rosenthal, 2002

Mr. Jim Makris 2001

Mr. Dennis Hendershot, 2000

Dr. Walter Howard, 1999

Dr. Trevor Kletz, 1998

Mr. Mike Marshall, 2015

Dr. Jack Chosnek, 2014

Mr. Dennis Parker, 2013

Ms. Liz McDaniel, 2012

Mr. Roy Sanders, 2011

Dr. Rayford G. Anthony, 2010

Mr. Don Kimbril, 2009

Ms. Kathy Shell, 2008

Dr. C. Roland Haden, 2007

Mr. Scott W. Ostrowski, 2007

Mr. George King, 2006

Mr. Pat Berwanger, 2006

Dr. Michael L. McGuire, 2005

Mr. Robert L. Smith, 2004

Dr. Angela Summers, 2004

Mr. William (Skip) Early, 2003

Dr. Vic Edwards, 2002

Ms. Irene Jones, 2001

Dr. Harry H. West, 2000

Mr. T. Michael O’Connor, 1999

Dr. Ron Darby, 1998